PermaPlate Furniture Protection+

Relax, we’ve got you covered...

Introducing PermaPlate Furniture Protection+

We took a bold step to design a customer experience that not only raises the bar, but redefines how furniture care is delivered to our valued customers. 

We cover the most common appearance Issues, including upholstery, hard surface care, structural and mechanical issues so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your furniture knowing it is covered from everyday mishaps.


Appearance Damage:

✔️ Food or Beverage  

✔️ Grease, commercial oil or mud

 ✔️ Cosmetics

✔️ Children crafts (crayons, highlighters, water based paints)

✔️ Human or pet bodily fluids

✔️ Wood finish fading from sun

✔️ Wine & berry juice

✔️ Water rings on hard surfaces

✔️ Paint & household dyes

✔️ Wood scratches, gouges and cuts

✔️ Dye transfers from blue jeans and publications

✔️ Mud, dirt & grime

Upholstery Damage:

 ✔️ Fabric or leather punctures, rips and seam damages (up to 4-inches) ✔️ Checking, cracking, bubbling and peeling of finish

Structural & Mechanical Damages:

 ✔️ Electrical components ✔️ Internal Mechanisms
✔️ Wires and switches ✔️ Frame repairs & crushed arms
Real life mishaps, real life savings.

 [1] Limited Warranty.  Furniture manufacturers will provide customers a limited warranty at no cost.  This is a manufacturer’s guarantee of workmanship for customers.  The limited warranty is traditionally a one (1) year guarantee that your furniture has no damages upon delivery, and that the piece of furniture will maintain the manufacturer’s quality integrity for one (1) year.  If the stitching, upholstery, structure & components fail within that first year after delivery, almost every manufacturer will either fix it or replace it.  This limited warranty does not cover damages as a result of neglect or accidents.

Extended Service Contract.  Customers can choose to purchase an extended service contract.  Some retailers may elect to purchase these plans and provide additional protection for their customers. These contracts (or protection plans) can last for either three (3) or five (5) years.  These contracts do not extend the terms of the manufacturer’s limited warranties.  These are separate agreements that primarily focus on damages as a result of accidents.  These plans will cover various appearance-related damages (stains), structure or mechanical damages that the manufacturer will not cover.